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Synastry Class, SA Chart and Progressive Chart

Astrology helps us to create roads and understand the terrain of relationships. By understanding ourselves and our partner we become better at giving and receiving love. We also begin to experience relationships as a journey rather than an outcome. Synastry provides a platform for comparing charts, allowing us to make better decisions about love.

What you’ll learn:
This course builds directly on my previous course – an introduction to natal astrology.

  • The fundamental mechanics of relationship centered astrology
  • How to create and interpret the bi-wheel chart for chart comparison
  • The new Big 3 of Synastry
  • How to re-interpret planets and houses in a relationship context
  • How to interpret aspects in Synastry
  • Asteroid’s in Sysntry
  • Aspects needing to workout
  • Karma in relationsips

In this course you’ll learn about the new big 3 of Synastry, how planets and houses shift and how to create a bi-wheel chart for two. Your knowledge will be challenged as you progress with quizzes and assignments. This course also includes three in-depth chart comparisons

Course Requirements:

You will need a firm knowledge of signs, houses, planets and aspects and an understanding of chart interpretation.

The course “Intermediate Class to Natal Astrology” provides the knowledge needed to comfortably complete this course


  • 8 Week class Live Zoom and YouTube video recordings spanning over 16 hours, in this online course I guide you step-by-step through a complete introduction to Synastry, SA chart and Progressive chart
  • The course is structured in a logical way, with each class building on the knowledge learned in previous ones so that regardless of previous experience.
  • Access to Weekly Class replays via Zoom recordings and YouTube Lesson Videos.
  • Reflection questions each week during the live zoom, to help enhance your learning and deepen your understanding of the material.
  • For the Pre-Recorded YouTube videos, you will go at your own pace, though it is recommended keeping up with the weekly assignments.
  • Enjoy access to the Instagram Group for each class even after the last class. It is a place where you can share your assignments, insights, and post questions.


  • Reading and supplementary handouts and Homework sheets will be provided.
  • Birth Chart: You will need a copy of your birth chart for this course. If you don’t have one, Missy can provide you a copy upon enrollment, Participants send their birth date, time of birth, and place of birth to before April17th. You can also try the free chart service at

Please note that this course approaches relationships from a western point of view and may not be compatible with your faith, belief system, or values – personal or cultural. This course celebrates the splendor of love in it’s full diversity, and promotes love and healthy relationships in all forms.

About Astrologer Missy McCall:
Astrologer Missy McCall has been practicing astrology since she was 16 and has been doing readings professionally for over 8 years now. Teaching Astrology for 2 years. You may also know Missy’s work from her Non Profit organizations working with the community with an emphasis on women and rebuilding their lives.